Glimmer of Hope…

Power needs scapegoats to thrive on: give your best to them and they will feed on you. Like fungus, it eats what it grows on. In the last century, we have had vivid examples of the same on a global level. In the last few years, more so!

As an example, listen to all the women speaking out loud about people in power who walked on them to get their needs met in their journey to become big aggressive leaders. I promise you these people could not have become so strong, if they hadn’t fed on the weak. Now if only we the regular people could stop taking interest in the glamourdom of such power-greedy dons. Why be a stepping stone for them?

Many people may debate that domination is meant to be and one cannot wish it away. The point is not to fight it because then the aggressor would be doing the same thing. Right? It is important to study why and how it occurs. Once we understand it in simple terms how it relates to us or effects us on a daily basis, then we as a society or an individual, can do things about it, as an establishment or even as an individual.

In the old times, when there were more inventions and creativity going around, it wasn’t just “the times.” I believe the social conditions were conducive to brilliant work. WHAT IF we as a society were wrong in the direction we gave those changes?

We studied it to death, standardized systems, converted systems, and bullied our way to a one-mind-track. Power all the way! In system, industry, thought, and action. Does it mean that there is nothing good happening between the extremes of the the powerful and powerless?

I choose not to discuss this in a college paper because I having seen standardization and realize that ‘specialized’ experts cannot or will not accept non-standardized viewpoints.

Unfortunately, parasitic power-play exists in academic institutions too, and some of my blogger friends who work in universities, have mentioned things to that affect. (I appreciate you!)

Few hundred years ago, if society could have open debates through flyers, meetings, and an occasional book; then it must be possible today also. No one learned how to write a book or a flyer, they just did it with a little guidance or practice. Therefore, I feel myself to be in no rush to get my work read and understood, because if it deserves any attention, it will get it in time. And if it is trash, then it deserves to be ignored or dumped.

I am not looking for money, power, or recognition, I believe it is okay to spread the word and see where expression of my thoughts in a simple language takes me. I worked hard to get rid of jargon that cannot be understood by majority of the world’s population. And that is the way it must stay, regardless of how I might be judged in our cliched twenty-first century.

Here’s one verse by a power-player from my book, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” As you read it, please keep in mind that ninety percent of the book was written by 2010.

Followers following, 
a leader becoming Power;
now Absolute in the Chair,
takes away freedom for pleasure. 
When followers Still,
cause power to less, in Chair;
and a fall unbecoming.
I am it, and therefore, you are,” 
a consuming thought, a moral eraser;
Here today, gone tomorrow,
leaving behind a legacy for others to un-follow.

If there is major conflict in society, there will be social issues discussed for several generations afterwards. Unfortunately we call these negatives, News.

The after math might be poverty, abuse, creativity, and invention! Karma happens and when people in power do it intentionally, then it explodes globally and returns to hurt exponentially. Thus, the karma of all karma’s causing karmageddon!

I leave you with my best wishes always and a glimmer of hope!


Welcome to all my new follows! I hope you will find something of value here, a little silly, a little fun, just like our lives;) full of surprises.

Like this one: Leaves opening out in Spring! How do you see these?

Optimistic view: Simplicity is teeming with life!                                       Pessimistic view: They are all going to fall anyway.                                             Care Less Opinion: Cheap rubbish! Who cares about these dust collectors!

Which viewpoint is yours? 😉

With Warm regards and good Wishes,  V Sabharwal.🙏❤️

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3 thoughts on “Glimmer of Hope…

    1. That I believe is true, thanks. I also think that evolution of the human is different from evolution of the society. And that is where we need a few missing links understood, as well remove some elements of pretense on who sets the terms for supremacy.


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