Crank up the memories


Irises with their long sturdy leaves and Lupins with their multi-pronged leaves, make the prettiest flower arrangements and the most vivid backgrounds for our camera frenzies.

Cranking up floral memories, I remembered that my parents had a habit of growing the best or enhancing the existing gardens wherever they called home. Army lives, which you can also refer to as OurMe lives, for it was about survival, separation, and togetherness.

Every home, small and big, with sandy, black, or fertile soil, had a grand farewell or welcome gift for the new residents. A lush lawn, a terrace garden, orchids on drift wood, creepers with wood roses on the first floor, hand-grafted roses, and a kitchen garden with many essentials as well as several vegetables. Such a joy to break these straight from the plant to the kitchen, and sometimes, even the mouth.

It brought back memories of games like theives and robbers, hide and seek, picnics under hand-held umbrellas, hand-knitten sweaters, and attempts to garden on a kid-scale! A huge thank you to my parents: love you🎵

What a memory! Crank it up with a garden walk! Please share some of yours … I love hearing from YOU!

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