Unique Expression of You!

When I ask myself, “Why do we create something?” I get no complex answer. Whether it is knitting, woodworking, gardening, building, movies, or writing; the words that come to my mind are, “expression of an original idea in a unique way.”

Modern ways and propogation of certain ideas have limited every possible nuance of the human experience to a science and thus compartmentalized them unbearably. Some recordings have benefitted mankind and still others have made a fool of the next generations.

All the Recorders, so to speak, wrote down everything about what they learned. The next generations researched off of that base of information. Some innovators built on it, debated it, rejected or accepted it, improved on it, modified it, and so on.

Down to a compartment, it left little room for error or change. I realize that I am probably over-simplifying this thought, but we have to break it down, before we can understand it best.

Then came the popular information or self-help books! Darwin, Freud, and others built on that base. The point is that ‘what if’ things were not so water-tight and we allowed room for error and change?

Now THAT would be allowing for creativity. Suddenly, WE HUMANS have the freedom to BE creative, not just DEfine creative; and we are creative. To go back to the first paragraph, we are all billions of us, potentially creative because we can, “express an original idea in a unique way.”

Now, if the idea sells or not is a whole another story. Example: if I write a book or a blog, which most of us here are inclined to be doing here on wordpress or other sites, I AM BEing creative. I might be writing to express myself, share with others, or a bit of both. Now each one of us might be a successful creative but not as an entrepreneur, and vice-versa!

Is that good or bad? It depends on your goals, right? I believe that one may not be good or perfect at first, but you keep writing for your purpose, and one day, you might accomplish YOUR goal to get what you want out of it. Or, you will discover something else. Period!

Does it matter how much money you make out of it? The question to ask yourself is, “Did I get what I want out of my effort in that creative pursuit?” If yes, then thats it!

Perfection of your effort is not a concern but a choice in our own evolution or growth as a human being. When you do care about conforming to the highest standard in your art without practice, then you are not original, not creative, not unique, and NOT being yourself.

The minute you let go, your writers block, or carving block, or computer block, or any other judgement, will be GONE forever!

Hey! Never know: you might still discover a new theory of evolution. You might prove Freud wrong in his presumption that the root cause of every problem is sexual in nature. You might paint and design better than Leonardo da Vinci! You might be more peaceful and non-violent than M. K. Gandhi! And, you may realize that all our cultures started from the same place, with the same base values.

Won’t such a realization be worth breaking stereotypes for? Mr. Genie! Over here, please!

Make a wish! And work on it. You are absolutely unique at whichever level you are right now. Go right ahead and express yourself. I just know that I for one, absolutely love being myself and encourage others to be themselves. 

via Daily Prompt: Genie


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2 thoughts on “Unique Expression of You!

  1. Appreciating you as always, in taking the time to actually read and share your views on the subject. “Nourish the earth” is an apt way to present my idea! I am making a plea against malnutrition of human potential due to compartmentalization and training for predictable jobs via systems.


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