Free Our Earth!


 Garden in Versailles, France.

Lilting song, yearn for loving words-

magical words, click flitting birds.

Love or ridicule: him, ‘n’ her shine,

updating as important, status O’mine.


Perfuming flowers, fuming people,

humour ‘n’ jokes, facebook pokes.

News is sad, moneyed are glad,

killed is the one who mews on bad.


Universal all that knowledgeable sass,

Freud’s sex interpretation bias, my ass!

Still debating Darwin, if Hitler’s game is done?

White-Black-Brown, his gene song still sung!


Dancing to rhythm of guitar, singing choir,

competing in number$ glamour ‘n’ noir.

Commerce decides wood-plastic child’s play toy,

still fighting for power, through every girl or boy.


God Systems looting security on earth,

A way of life taught, with doubt is fraught;

Who is supreme, one tricks to fell:

Your Lord, my God, future will tell.


Bury all, people or issues we render,

accept ways, or preach own agenda?

Free Our Earth, she deserves much better,

Hear it significant:

every cry, every language, each letter.

🙏Let us all partake in the responsibility we have towards our planet, not just planet family! For starters, lets vow to not use chemicals and stop buying anything packaged in plastic.

An earth poem from the gardener’s heart!

via Daily Prompt: Partake



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