Bestow our Best-O!

Are we people truly unique like no other? We all like to believe the same thing, that we as an individual or a group, are better than … And if that is a problem or the solution, it is only a matter of perspective, that education should have freed us from. Is education having a reverse effect on us?

Let us bestow on our next generation a freedom of the mind, or even freedom from the mind. Knowledge without experience is not strong enough to stand on it’s own. For example: when I had not understood retail industry, I would only focus on the purchase or not hang up the clothes after trying them on. Now 95% of the time I make it a point to do so.

When I had not met the police and army dealing with terrorists, or even terrorists themselves, they were just “news” to talk about. The interactions made the whole experience deeply human for me. I still feel for them, twenty two years later, because I see them as human beings dealing with both sides of the uniform and gun. Unreasonable as it is!

It is important to talk about freedom of the heart or mind, especially, since we claim we have obtained freedom from colonization and old-time conquests. Or, did we just polish that tendency and made it, ahm … tad diplomatic😉!

I personally love people of all faiths: Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Judaism, Jainism, and all the others on our planet! Everytime I meet a person of a new mindset, I become energised just by the thought that how similar we are! It amazes me how the common denominator shines through stronger than any perceptible difference.

It makes me feel small and ignorant, curious and fascinated, wonder-full and excited about:

HOW did we get that way?

What prompted the changes?

How so many leaders broke away from their leaders to make their own groups?

For some strange reason, I am glad I didn’t spend too much time reading into it or about it, because I prefer acceptance and tolerance of diversity! 💖 Enjoy these pictures of inter-faith interactions that made news in different places. This is the way people had co-existed till “Divide and Rule” was made important in politics by invaders and colonizers in the old days.

What gives me joy is that the trend is creeping back, for no reason, but that it is the right thing to do. No bribes. No conditions for conversion. They are still giving free meals to visitors of other faiths❣️


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Like changing a habit, it is ofcourse, a lot of hard work. With practise, we can give each other our Best-O!

What do you think? I would love to hear your positive or negative feedback and opinion, because I get to learn from you, how to be a better person, at peace with myself, of being authentic with a fellow human.

💝💜💚❤️💙💛💞Love you All, as you are🙏 Thank you for being YOU!

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4 thoughts on “Bestow our Best-O!

    1. Appreciate your kind words, Gina! It takes one to accept one: even ideas along with other people. Thankful for your presence here, because it is only few like yourselves who can be brave enough to keep your heart and mind open enough to create space for acceptance. 💞

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    1. You are very kind, Curt! Appreciate your generosity. All it takes is respecting other people’s choices, even if it is God. It does not make me smaller or unfaithful to the Almighty, if I respect another humans’ choice.

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