Of Notable Distinctions, Making Distinctions

Ever crossed a border knowingly? Which is the last one you crossed? Now, hold onto that for a moment.

Many of us were trained into specialization of trade or skill in the old days. And today, we are educated into specialization. I ask you to hold onto this thought, too.

We all can understand a simple fact that when we cross ‘A border,’ we grow. Simple! Now the question is, which border? Cross any village border, town, city, state, country; all help us grow in proportion to the leap taken.

This also works socially. Crossing the levels of financial strength (S.E.S. for the academics), caste levels in the past, education level ‘influencing job level today, are ground-breaking to individual growth at every level. When one travels across levels, then one becomes either famous or misunderstood. Both are unnecessary.

The problem with our society that one tends to bypass, is that such single-track, ‘trained’ people get into policy making for the general population who may be more well-rounded than them.

Simply put, take a person with lets say, twenty experiences in life: wholesome nutrition, monolingual education, one-city life, two loving parents, fancy vacations, well provided for, no insecurities beyond temperature of the room, ghosts, etc. You just met O-SmartOne of notable distinctions, making notable distinctions of others. In a pro-academic world functioning well in a laboratory-perfect social setting!

And next, consider another person with two-hundred experiences: barely two-square meals a day, multi-lingual, both parents loving but working in low paying jobs, coping with real-time issues around home, vacation is known as the peaceful break from stress, may have changed several homes or cities, etc. You just met LifeSurvivor, who does all the tough, undesirable jobs.

What happens when O-SmartOne meets LifeSurvivor? O-SmartOne is on track to get a degree and a good job. On the other hand, LifeSurvivor, who’s strength is waning from extra struggles, experiences, and comparisons. His hard working nature and adaptability see him through. The two meet, dislike each other, simply because they don’t understand each other, dismiss each other as dumb and move away.

One day, O-SmartOne reaches policy making levels and decidedly has met many of an annoying LifeSurvivor types, and decides to put an end to it. He made it in life and believes that if equal opportunity is given, most others should be able to measure up or be given consequences.

The point is: between the disses of disliking and dismissing each other, a great divide has emerged. Less experiences, more books Vs. More experiences, less books. To me they both are a good, intelligent people, but they don’t understand each other. They need a border-crossing translator to show them each others’ beauty and strength.

Problem Worsens:

Meanwhile, O-SmartOne keeps evolving from those twenty experiences, setting up vocabularies, degrees, organizations, and though they know judging is not good they keep judging the LifeSurvivors, as lazy ones who need consequences to get better, become better.

And, LifeSurvivors keep evolving their own vocabularies and mechanisms; adapting and surviving inspite of consequences, judging the O-SmartOnes, till frustrations sets in due to limits on economic choices, and they do not know where or how to channel all that anger.

One day, someone decides to use them, approaching them with an irresistible offer.

Guess who made the offer?

What was the offer they gave?

1. Deny or ignore this and you are a …

2. You answer the questions, you must be a …

3. You start laughing at both, you are a …


1. If I bribe you for the right answer, I would be a …

2. If I don’t offer anything and ignore your response, I’m a …

3. If I laugh it off, knowing what’s causing it, I’m a …

Answer Choices: O-SmartOne, LifeSurvivor, and Border-Crossing Translator.

Either way, we would have to recognize something to change a trend, and not dismiss it as human nature. They need a border-crossing-translator to show both of them how unnecessary it is, or what is a simpler option. And O-SmartOnes are the ones who must make it happen.

It is a social responsibility for those of notable distinctions. Listen to each other and try to appreciate each others’ role in society. See each others’ strengths instead of making distinctions.

Daily Prompt: Notable



4 thoughts on “Of Notable Distinctions, Making Distinctions

  1. Absolutely! That’s part of a discussion: to see it in a different way, using different vocabulary, but crossing borders and surviving anyway.
    For that, I stand grateful for you to take the plunge with me, both electrifying grey cells in different ways, but daring to come out ahead for the common good. Thank you for being you!


  2. I’d call it have-all vs street-smart. The former are cushioned , the latter carved for survival.
    That’s why renewing our location- geographically as well as otherwise- can reveal many traits in us b’cos we start at ground zero honed to basic rules of survival.
    Crossing borders also keeps us young. Grey cells can literally blossom when challenged with new tasks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Thats a nice way of saying it. What really surprises me is that many of us don’t know the borders can be crossed, some don’t even try, but the worst is when we intentionally accept boundaries made for us by people we don’t know and live our whole lives within that framework.

      Liked by 1 person

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