Astonishing Ourselves Everyday!

I want you to know that it has been somewhat busy between getting the roof and fence re-worked on the side. This engagement has been a HUGE learning experience for me!

Gorgeous and beautiful clear days also inspired me to pick the spade and get digging to re-design the garden a bit, and the ever-ready visits to plant nurseries. So gorgeous at this time of the year!


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You see, there was nothing but grass when we moved into this home. Its taken a lot of work to work the soil to a point where the tough soil will start working for me. It was more challenging because the goal was to be hundred percent natural and chemical free. Yes, inclusive of rampant weeds!

Initially, I had put a lot of easy-to-grow plants, to fill space. Then I did several experiments on what can survive the hardship of our extreme weathers. Over time, composting, worm-farmers tilling the soil, mixing in sand and manure, has helped improve the quality of soil substantially.

And finally, I can say with confidence that my garden is ready for better things. Therefore, out go the easy fillers and cheers to the prettier plants!

Heave ‘n’ hoe! 💚 lawn I did mow. And guess what, we have rain coming to help their cause. I mean really, can’t the lawn remain the same size forever?

To close for today,


“Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves.” Anonymous

Okayyy, I see green, but WHERE $ 😍
I see blue too, but Where? 🤔

Have an amazing day😄! Try something new, you never tried before. Astonish yourself❤️


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