Turning Tides

The tide has turned,

oft is heard,

waves a churned,

fiendish crash ‘n’ spurned,

and many a burned,

but loveliness discerned.

thing 1, thing 2 learned.

only resentment earned-


Though not given,

instead forgiven.

Insightless, aimless,

turning tides address.

Resolved strivings shake

the core of being we make.

hard to do, oo – ooo

by and for, me and you.


“Let go, let GO!”

practised to ‘n’ fro.

selfish words,

the insecure birds-

searching for gain,

again ‘n’ again.

judging bothers,

but checking others?


Finding only

what we seek.

Finding only

what we can seek.

The truth echoes only

our own kind.

Such truth that lies,

is no good for mankind.







via Daily Prompt: Tide



4 thoughts on “Turning Tides

    1. You took me back in time because I had to re-read what I’d written, to respond suitably to your thoughtful comments.
      Fate and destiny sound similar to me, but we may interpret or perceive different, the supernatural element in the former.
      We can still find what we seek, influenced by the path we are destined to tread on. And my opinion changes as I grow along in years😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. our opinions do change as we age and are moulded by experiences. it would be so stale if we did not analyse and process the events that encourage our growth.

        yes fate and destiny seem to have interchangeable meanings and I loved your post for having highlighted their influence on our lives. Each culture will have its own description on the above and the one that leans to the supernatural may have the best stories come out of them. in the end to me, the stories teach us more than just paradigms can.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for saying that about the supernatural stories. Paradigms are making our world so plastic or machine like. Cheers Gina, to your effort to keeping stories alive and churning!


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