Flaunting Fine Floral Findings…

… in my garden, that grows, slowly but surely!


Purple rose with a beautiful perfume!
Variegated bush perfuming flowers
Morning Glory


Golden  Iris

via Daily Prompt: Flaunt

While I’m at it, might as well flaunt   my other creation that blossomed in the backyard today, though it’s not half as pretty.


Hand-made for my colleague today. I believe a hand-made gift to appreciate people, conveys the best!
She is surrounded by autism, at school and at home. Admire such committed people and wishing her all the best for her own classroom❤️
Differently abled people are part of our differently abled 😉community. Aren’t we ALL?! We must set an example of sharing a little 💞, a sweet gesture when we come across them!
The only way to solve a problem, is to face it head on and understand it. To comprehend how terrorism comes into being, read the e📖, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” e📖@ https://www.amazon.com/Terror-Strikes-HoCleS-V-Sabharwal-ebook/dp/B0772CVGKB

Flaunt  Away to glory!!!


8 thoughts on “Flaunting Fine Floral Findings…

    1. Hi Bindu! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my floral delights.
      Its wonderful to share garden thrills and the product of our efforts. Thanks for the links! It’ll be my pleasure to stop by:)


    1. Thanks … just re-worked the smaller bushes there. It’s nothing like what you can grow closer to the equator, but I am enjoying the results of years of own labour!
      Kind of you to say such sweet words:)

      Liked by 1 person

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