Laughter Generator

Face the mirror.

Stand tall ‘n’ proud,

and be very still.

Raise you right Hand.

Pledge loud ‘n’ clear:

“I ________  ________

will be nice to you,

through highs ‘n’ lows,

through thick ‘n’ thin,

through ill’s ‘n’ wills,

and I will not care a hoot

about anything,

anyone says.


they do me









P. S. DO NOT forget to breathe.

(Inhale +  Exhale) to the power of infinity.


Thought for the Day!


The Eagle has Landed! On my tree.😉r, maybe I had been shooting too many eagles that day.
Why do we see what we see? What fun to be able to switch to something nice that we WANT to see in our life!

At the end of brain twisting myself, I have everything I ever wanted. Yippee😄🙏


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Appreciate and welcome my new follows for spending time here. You made my day!


3 thoughts on “Laughter Generator

    1. 😄Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What I find increasingly that children are not just dressing like adults, but are also talking and behaving like adults. Thus, they need to learn to cope with issues that come with being so complex.
      Or, maybe adult role models can simplify our lives!😉


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