At the core of our Being

“Today’s super rich include people who have set up businesses selling chocolate, sushi, pet food and eggs.” BBC news excerpt.

The four things making people rich is very amusing in today’s modern world. The one good thing ‘data’ is telling us is the pulse of our civilised society.





To me chocolate and pet food as priorities, speak about what we are consuming to fill a void in our lives. We are social animals, and the increasing isolations make us crave chocolate or getting a pet.

The reason I say this is because I went through a phase of contributing to these statistics too! Obvious and interesting at the same time. Having almost stopped, it is now easy to say, that such leanings are unnecessary. The dog is more for my child and I wont get another one till I lose my marbles. The only thing possible to rationalize is that it is a rescued one and that, I believe, was a better choice.

Sushi is the new fad in fast and ready to consume food market. Thanks to a health hype based on marketing, we needed a little convincing to eat small portions. Now, if we only made it ourselves, we’d learn something relevant in the process.

Last but not least, eggs are an aging, yellowing debate; having gone through phases of healthy or unhealthy, eat raw or cooked, good or bad for the heart, organic or caged, and even fake or real!

In short, it is a comforting quick snack, useful in baking a lot of comfort foods as in baked breads, cakes, and casseroles.

All educated people realize why we need comfort foods! My question is why not get rid of the basic reasons for the discomfort and insecurity about health?

Lets make that physical and financial health. We live in the city. We work for money. Stress happens. And we get knocked about, we knock others about! And then … feelings. Run!


Pet and pet food.

Sushi n Coffee.


People want freedom from discomfort. They activate a temporary fix. And then they decide to move on!

Why not simplify?

Make less. Spend less. Eat less. Worry less. Search less. Buy less.

In short, reduce the number of stressors in your life. It’s not others, it’s our choices. The choices we make by default, unconsciously. Yes I get, that there are people who make it their business to hound people who try something different. But hang in there! Patience and time will reveal the truth.

At the core of our being, we are all nice people! Just traveling along, merrily singing along, until someone …


P.S. Do one good thing for someone for no reason and lets reverse the trend😉 Lets build a stronger soul within. Let people become rich for better reasons than producing food to feed our soul!

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4 thoughts on “At the core of our Being

  1. what an absolutely lovely post! from talking about food and consumerism you bring us to startling truths about our humanity. i am all for the minimalist life except for one exception – books! I can live frugally and still have nutritious food, be healthy and fit without gym membership, running in the fresh open air allows me to meet my fellow man too. we accumulate too much stuff and that weighs us down as we need to be taking care of all that stuff when in reality all we need to do is take care of us. I love the way you think and are willing to support and encourage this lifestyle. again – lovely post.

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    1. Appreciate your thoughtful inputs, Gina. Nicely applied to every important aspect of human life and concluded.
      Minimalists are the need of the hour! I have long ways to go myself, but don’t you think we would save much time from all this unnecessary housekeeping we end up doing? Like we have become our own slaves because we must maintain an image in society.
      In the long run, we are surrounded by a halo of ignorance, suppressing our own potential growth.
      Who needs enemies across any border😉?

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      1. housekeeping drives me bonkers! never get on top of it ever. and I usually ignore dust bunnies etc. my time is valuable and scarce so I selfishly guard it. we can be our own worse enemies if we continue under that coconut shell! LOL!

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