Slim chance to wIsh upon Peace

East and West may debate this in different words to no end, but the fact remains that both lines of thought agree that a sense of ‘I’ causes trouble.

One can term it ego, or one can call it sense of self. Either way, we can grow only if we can get past the ‘I’ in our human wishes.

Unfortunately, money holds our mind in such a way, that we think self-less people as stupid if they are of a giving-without-reason spirit.

As someone had said of a river, “Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever!” I’m going to twist that a bit to say, that:

(wo)men may come and (wo)men may go, and their I causes trouble forever.

Maybe we don’t need to emphasize identity at all! For peace sake, “Who am I? No one.” Or, we are all part of One. Is it this sense that helps us be truly humble?


via Daily Prompt: Thin



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