911- The only Stupid we need is Cupid!

The BORING stuff first. The old fashioned meaning of stupid is low in I.Q. And that could be due to biological factors, or, the test chosen to measure intelligence, or, the standard used for comparison! Either way, the usage of the term is uncalled for, or irrelevant.

Leaving you with this video, a few thoughts, and an emergency contact 😉 number for help. What happens when people who think they are smart comment on people who they judge to be stupid? If you have met a fair diversity of people in our world, then you may realize a few things about this video and the commenter. I promise you this is exactly why we need people who know and understand or have real life experience before expressing an opinion in public. Well, except the chainsaw. I’ll give her that one.

Such due considerations might save us from a World War lll😉! Let stupidity, though infectious, not kill us.

Are you feeling insecure after listening to the speaker. I mean this world is such an unsafe 😉place and people don’t even know it! What to do? In an emergency, contact 1-800-BRAINTRAIN.🤞W.W.B.T.D.? What Would Brain Train Do? I believe they would recommend retrain restrain.

*As in, before you judge someone as stupid, think about:

1. “Why am I making that judgement? Do I have experience in that field?”

2. “Is it worth stooping low enough to put someone down?”

3. “Can I do better than them?”

* If you believe that you are on the receiving end of such a judgement, you should let them continue! It’s a waste of time trying to prove things to the extremely knowledgeable.

Shall we redefine stupidity as: “… a break from intelligent conversation and display of smarts, intentional or otherwise.” Thinkinkadia

As I close, dear friends, I just heard news of another school shooting. Our youth is feeling more and more isolated. It is an unhealthy trend as discussed in my book. I end with a prayer to sanity for those who are feeling frustration enough to pick up a gun to make a point in society. If you know an angry person with a gun, please start a conversation with him or her. Especially men, because they are expected to be the tough guys. Encourage them to express feelings. 💗Love them and let them know someone like you cares so much for them. 💞 They need to know it, feel it, with honesty. Have a blessed, safe, and wonderful weekend!m

Thanks to all recent follows. My best wishes to all my friends taking exams

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