Beautiful Spiky

Spiky Striking Beauty!


Growing amidst nothing,
Sand, desert, drought-
Amazing strength speaks,
Beauty struggle fraught.


The rich have it easy in some ways and show up dressed in their best, sometimes unprepared for life.
The average try hard, work their best, and make it work, unless disillusioned … depression killing their hope.
The poor or uneducated reel and deal, struggle and feel, raggedy but survive with tough smarts, unless the stomach gets them first.

e-📖: “Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” Lets talk about different types of terrors and simple things that matter.

via Daily Prompt: Complication



13 thoughts on “Beautiful Spiky

  1. Beautiful images, We come in all shapes and sizes, warts and spikes, some hybrids and some weeds… But all are set to bloom, given the chance.. And all require the SUN,, and All require the RAIN… Some just need our tender loving care to enable them to Thrive..

    Keep Nurturing both Flora and Fauna my friend.. For your heart shines.. ❤

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    1. Thanks for adding value to my post. You have so many thoughts that make me feel as if I am selfish in agreeing with you😄; heart, mind, and all.
      On weeds, I have much to say, but have waited to collect some good pictures, convincing enough to convey the point.

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