Much in ♥️!

I love life.

I love my life.

I love me.

I love mine.

I love I.



I am usually right.

I wont give up without a fight.

I will have my way.

I will not let you sway.

I wont let you foray-

In Mine.


I got insurance.

I got alarms.

I got an army of devoted.

I am strongly motivated.

To defend me.

To offend.


I win!

I always do.

I have the  biggest house.

I will have the biggest cars.

I will possess.

I will obsess.

I will.



I have a secret.

I have a greed.

I have a need.

I have You.

I keep you.

You make me


when you are with me,

I am I.



please stay


P.S. If you can relate with this, free tip: Dont! You deserve better!

via Daily Prompt: Narcissism



11 thoughts on “Much in ♥️!

  1. Each of us has a little or a lot of ‘Much in 💚’ with either ourselves or ‘Things’, Learning to Balance and find the Good in others as well as discovering the good within ourselves is what makes 💕 love so easy to share..
    Keep sharing your 💞

    Love and Light my friend.. and thank you for sharing your love with all of us ❤

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    1. Sue, you see the positive, unfailingly! And we need more more people like you. 💞
      This poem starts out positive, but ends with an extreme of self-love, narcissism. Arrogance and manipulative selfishness do not build strong relationships.
      I agree that love is beautiful to share and it grows the more we give of it. 💗
      The reader is given a cautionary note that it does not work with a power-seeker.

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  2. haha love the self love, we are precious and forget to tell ourselves more while we work so hard to tell others how great they are, a timely post. is it only narcissistic if other people realise it?

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    1. I wrote the poem in first person, but it wasn’t autobiographical.
      It is expressing the attitude of a narcissistic personality.
      Good question! For years I had not realised it, and then one feels so stupid at the receiving end, on realisation. A loss and a gain, for it is a huge learning experience in personal evolution.

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      1. self evaluation must be honest or we fall into a trap of believing what others want of us. its so hard to love ourselves and not be seen as proud and egotistical. your thoughts are very pure and wise my friend.

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