21st Century is Awesome!

We like to believe that we human beings have accomplished something by recovering from World Wars and making some changes in our world.

We have unified the world!

We have educated the world!

We have connected the people!

We have mechanized our work!

We have …

We have DONE IT! Yay!

I even hear echoes of,

“Everything has been discovered.”

“Everything has been invented.”

And I get this notion that all amazing accomplishments have come about in the last recent few hundred years.

Have we really? What if, our present knowledge is phase two, post the big flood – the one all cultures remember.

What if the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the Greek mythologies were recorded history? Assuming success while still discovering the past histories, is so premature. Isn’t it?

Who is to decide that all correct historical information is written? Or, written in your or my language.

I think we are fooling ourselves clutching onto what we know or find believable, as the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

For example: There are so many ways to be a parent. Books tell us one, institutions another, cultures a third. Opposition in individual and institutional relationships build on sensation and that continually puzzles people. Assuming we have figured out the best way, we make all these laws and punish people? It seems premature and foolish.
I believe that standardized education has built too many criteria to judge people, judge systems, and judge what we decide is inferior to us. Is this what we have accepted as the pinnacle of human potential?

It is time we start looking for other unique ways to refresh and change, rather than hold onto 21st century standardized. Still waters, I believe, must be headed towards stagnation. At present, these muddied waters, reek of an emerging sick society.

Seek change or accept sick change? Choose.

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5 thoughts on “21st Century is Awesome!

  1. change scares people even when they know it will be good. it’s an inherent human trait I guess. after the first world war, word went around that it was the war to end all wars but there was anothr even bigger war in such few short years later. if we don’t allow history o teach us about the ned for change we will continue to self-destruct. lovely post as always V, love your methodical discourse.

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    1. Yes, indeed. We knowingly avoid so many things that are good for us, just like kids. Who wants to learn lessons from history? We just want to go easy with the flow, like driftwood. We’d just happily dry up but not change direction with the course of the river.
      Thanks for your kindness:)

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  2. We sing off of the same Hymn sheet my friend, too many things are ‘Stuck’ in the same old same old ways.. Governments and laws for one.. And yes, education is narrowly set to perimeters of tunnelled vision that have not changed in decades..

    I could sit and chat with you for hours upon this subject.. We are conditioned into Fear, and limited in freedoms, Speech too now being subjected, along with Gender and Political Correctness that is stretching the line of where do we cross it and where do we stop?

    The 21st Century is far from perfect.. And we are being blinded as to where it is heading, in our Artificial Intelligence, Surveillance, and all the while being told our Data is protected,, laughable really, when I am sure someone is keeping tabs on all we type!.. 😉

    Great Post and wonderful to catch it,
    Now back to my own posts catch ups,, still working my way through them LOL..
    Enjoy your day my friend..

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    1. Thanks Sue. I realize some topics can have us want to talk all day! I’m like that too😉
      There are many others who read the post but may not comment or like for similar reasons. Fear keeps people quiet online as well. Two hundred likes on love, 600 likes on depression, and 300 likes on happiness are very telling symptoms of the society we have made.
      But if we dont realize and talk about what must change fearlessly, then more of us will wordpress, not destress.
      People will pay $6/- for comfort foods and hundreds on therapy, but not $5/- for a book that simplifies the comedy of human errors and terrors. The drama we unfold every day, how the data keepers use it from us on us, and how we help the malady grow feeling dutybound, unconsciously.
      You too have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your support:)

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