Guilty at the highest levels!

I am pretty kicked with the idea that if our old time heroes came back to life, what would they talk about? In college, I’d written a play about Freud, Adler, and Jung coming to life and what they would have talked about in 1989. As luck would have it, my department performed it and seminar guests loved it, and I gave away my final draft to a friend who promised to copy and return in a few days!

As luck wouldn’t have it, it never came back!😄 Lived and learned, never eh🙄

Today, let’s meet Charles Darwin, Hitler, and the pea feller … what’s his name? Ummm … Google Uncle helped, yay! Gregor Mendel.

Okay, so! Here they are sitting in palatial surrounds, amidst spring flowers, shade gardens giving respite from sunny charades by pompous officially dressed trees. Swishing skirts announced the arrival of tea served by sumptuous housekeepers of the day.

Mendel and Darwin discuss different flora and fauna. I stand smitten as I catch bits and pieces of their conversation, as I pass them on my rounds, providing security to the VIP guests, balancing my high kicks with the rising interest in eavesdropping on the two.

Meanwhile, Herr Hitler arrives amidst much pomp and show, and I smartly salute. He whispers instructions to me in his raspy voice. This is my favourite part. I must now provide shade over their three heads and I get to hear every bit of the extra-ordinary conversation.

“Genetics. Facial features. Blue … Selection of the best looking people. Race to continue.”

Fast fwd a hundred years, I am back, only to hear them whispering, debating, and blaming. Just like kids!

“It was your experiment, your idea!”

“You Sir, brought up the topic!”

“I beg to differ! You made the final decision and gave the order for mass executions!”

I disliked the blame game. Hitler is the only one who stops to think while others argue on. “I apologize. I feel guilty…” he announced. “I don’t want to be part of this human outrage anymore.”

I updated my WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram😉 “Hitler: a changed man!” Have a guilt-free weekend, you all!

via Daily Prompt: Guilty



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