All Butt Twisted

Twisted butt, prehistoric cues
Spikey dead form speaks of upcoming change
Looming dark, no leaves but giving shade
Twisted twisted, ‘love’ly tree!

Life brings us the unexpected at every turn. These are the learning moments, the tests of time.

Twisted forms,

stranger norms.

Meandering paths,

physical maths.

Barren trees,

giving frees.

Still learning much,

inanimate-animal such.

Only amazing human brain,

thinks of thoughtless drain.

Twisted routes.

to twisted truths!




via Photo Challenge: Twisted


4 thoughts on “All Butt Twisted

    1. Thanks, you know I appreciate your sensors😉
      Yes, whats funny is that what inspired me to take the picture is sometimes similar, and other times in stark contrast to the final interpretation I make of it when I finally use the picture. Evolving textbook or reader!

      Liked by 1 person

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