Juxtaposing Ideas for Blogging

I want to try something crazy today! I know craziness is not new at this blog, but all’a’same, I want to do the opposite of what I have always done. A new madness, if you will!

Incase some of you are new visitors or readers of thinkinkadia, I wish to inform you that I have always tried to see old issues in new ways. My keyword has been perspectives, and shifting them suddenly in weird offbeat ways, so I don’t fall into a patterned rut.

It’s inevitable not to fall into a habit or a pattern, however hard we may try pulling ourselves out of it. Figuring out how to write a blog, maneuver our way around wordpress, photo challenges, people challenges, blogger comments or awards, and those WordPress badges that give us thrills!

Other routine things that pull us into patterns are school, college, work, marriage, kids, and parenthood; hopefully in that order for sanity’s sake. 😉 Well some other habits like cooking, cleaning, and healthcare also punctuate our habitual routine, appearing as fun, challenge, or drag-your-feet drudgery.

To get to the point, WordPress is going to stop giving The Daily Prompt w.e.f. June 1. There goes the resource for new and old bloggers alike, to showcase their blog or search new bloggers to provide them support and encouragement. 

📝CHANGE! Suddenly we are forced to think of new ways to think or travel and connect around the blog. While dealing with one change, why not throw in a few extra, while we are at it? Yeah! Should be fun to juxtapose all of our ideas to get a new system going😉 Yes?

Please leave comments below if you wish to participate in these few options June 1 onwards:

June 1: Introduce yourselves in short in my comments. That way all participants can meet and greet each other on my blog and leave a link, so bloggers can reach your blog with ease.

June 2: Leave words that interest you, so we can draw and announce one for each day thereafter. Foreign words are especially welcome, but we will research them to see if it has no hurtful connotations in other languages and are suitable for use in regular english. We can also travel to your link to enjoy each others responses. Also, if you like: the blogger whose word is chosen, can host the next meet and greet with responses. That way, all participants can get a turn, and vacationers can get their break.

June 3: If you want to participate in story  building on the weekend, I or a volunteer host will alternatingly provide a title or a picture every Sunday. And we contribute a sentence each to build the story. If the story goes haywire in sequence, I or the same host will re-arrange your lines to make the best sense and post it next Saturday. New title on Sunday if the experiment goes well. Would you like that?

Please tell me your opinions. And we will decide based on your responses. Look forward to hearing from you!

📖🖌V Sabharwal


via Daily Prompt: Juxtapose



10 thoughts on “Juxtaposing Ideas for Blogging

  1. I’ve been inactive for a few weeks now. I didn’t know the daily prompt is being cancelled soon. That’s such a shame! Daily Prompt was the gateway through which I discovered new blogs & many bloggers discovered mine during my early days here on WP. I wonder why they decided to say goodbye to DP..
    I like your plans for the meet & greet, the words and the story-building. I would have gladly expressed my willingness to participate if it wasn’t for my lack of assurance regarding my active participation. Due to several reasons, I won’t be active here on WordPress on a daily basis.
    Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing this blog being a wonderful platform for new & old bloggers.😊

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    1. I know right! I loved it as a great resource too. Thanks for your visit and also for sharing your thoughts. Whenever you stop by, you can help by suggesting words you cpme across languages that have similar meanings or that have opposite connotations. Hope to have some fun with such cross-cultural references.

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  2. Thanks Sue for your sweet comment, but my butterfingers did it again! My phone screen froze and when I clicked undo delete, it went anyway🙁 So I am replying anyway🙏
    Yes, I understand your mind. You will always have awesome thoughts swimming through them! That is why I am offering support for beginners who would like it. If not, that’s GREAT! There’s only about a million blogs out there for inspiration. As always, I remain, yours truly-
    💧in the 🌊


  3. i did not realise they were stopping the daily prompt, I used it lot as a new blogger and produced some really interesting stories and poetry from it in my first year blogging. you have some grand plans and I would love to support you but not sure how much I would be able to. I will always read your posts so maybe put in a little word here and there. I admire your intention to create a community of support and encouragement and hope it flourishes. All the best my dear friend!

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    1. That is all it is: a support during the transition. People may come and go as they please, like an open house! Thanks G, your word suggestions or contributions are welcome always as also links to your awesome writings!

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          1. Love it! Send me some words that would be fun to use as a prompt, in building a story, or as even in a discussion on languages! We dont have to do it every day. Once in while, we can go multicultural🤗

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