Numb to Numbers?


As I grow, I choose to be numb to numbers! You see, my faith number based judgements is finally broken. Though it is good for value of measurement but is it good for judging people value?

Last decade, I had been toying with that idea and stretching it far out to include as many variables as possible. Money, grades, pay check, sales, rooms in a house, employees, members, and so on.


But WordPress and Instagram really helped nail it! I was initially impressed with all the widgety ways to keep scores of followers or  who I was following. Eventually I got fidgety and decided to get rid of it because I decided that it wasn’t necessary.


To me, Instagram seems like the stock-market! The numbers change / go up and down every day, as do our thrill levels. People even offer to get you free followers! Where WordPress followers remain loyal after making the choice to follow you, Instagram is literally a one night-stand! First I thought it’s one person, gradually I realized it was many, and eventually learned it was the norm😄 Hey, you know, I had to try it too, but I chose to refocus and stick to my priorities.


My blog and my book remain a flower in your life’s garden or pebble in your life’s path. You may see it as a surprise, a discovery, or a personal exploration! You will find no categories or major marketing strategies from now. Having gone back to my first post, as I tend to do on yours😉, I remembered that my dream was to simply BE a pebble on a path or a  💧 in the 🌊.

Thanks for reading!❤️

via Daily Prompt: Broken



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