Daily Cultural ImPROMPTu!

Welcome to DCI, the Daily Cultural  Prompt! You are welcome to introduce yourself or your blog in the comments below. Leave a link so other meet and greeters may find you with ease.

Today’s word prompt is SOBREMESA. It is a word used in Spain to indicate the relaxing time spent with family and friends after a meal. The fun time! Sobre means ‘on top,’ and de mesa is like saying ‘desktop.’

Used by the Portuguese, it is also referred to desserts. Yummy!

How to participate: Write your response to SOBREMESA and leave a link today. You are welcome to come back later for this link. It’s an Open House!

I absolutely love languages, cultures and the similarities as well as differences between them! I welcome your suggestions to interesting words in your language  which can be understood or happily misunderstood. Either way, please leave a line.

NOTE: Detailed stories must be on your blog, but please leave a link in the comments below. Long comments will be enjoyed but edited. Thank you for understanding!


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