In Retrospect, with Respect

“Beautiful! Let me pick it up!”                                                                                                                               Anything unique becomes an attraction to possess?

Dear Civilization, my well-intentioned dears,

You have moved the earth, oceans, skies,

and simple people to tears. Culture of fears,

mass movement, production, profit that fries-

STOP! Learn to use resources, respect all nears!

Unique in retrospect, dying imagination decries.

Forget pictures, updates, statistic causing tears,

Respect all, not fall! Before Opportunity dies!


via Daily Prompt: Retrospective

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6 thoughts on “In Retrospect, with Respect

    1. That is awesome! It is pretty cyclical, isn’t it? Human responses to crises do not change.
      It’s my call to two groups to take action: ones who write the books and those that suffer impact of war to do something about it or give up on making a better world.

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