Today is a great day! For a parent it is so thrilling when their children take amazing decisions, act responsibly, and keep commitments. Three years ago, my younger daughter had made a decision to buy a much more expensive flute than we had budgeted. Today is her 15th birthday and she has for three years, not taken any gifts, or spent on any non-essentials. She kept up her committment and took only cash to pay off her flute. Paid in full today!

What she paid off has been put in the bank for college, a winning solution all the way. Meanwhile she has learned to be a practical little (taller than me😉) lady!

My older daughter is keeping up with committments at college and helps friends and family, even across cities! She is working hard and takes care of her car and dog. She has been working to support herself on the side and volunteered, initially for students and lately at a cancer ward. She works very hard, saves very little, is an enterprising Santa, loves her sister, and is very protective of her.

Just felt like a share! We all have our ups and downs, trudging along, with our fingers crossed, keeping our hopes up, but it’s so important to celebrate the ups!

With all the commitments I keep taking on, I know I haven’t been a good participant for your blog features. I am reading more blogs than before and I will participate this summer. Last week of school!

But I am also happy to say that I’m finally out of the intense phase of writing, publishing, and talking about terrorism. It’s like I couldn’t think of anything else since 1995, especially during the long writing phase. Literally like someone blocking me from all other life distractions and protecting me from problems, saying, “Finish the work!”

I could not change it 1995 and I cannot discourage children from getting involved now, except through my fiction book. I am like a switch turned off with another plan churning in my head, if I can arrange resources for it’s execution. As in, prevention is better than cure, in regards to terrorism.

Today is Sunday and as promised, I am going to invite you to try a fun experiment with me: Building a story. You never know what your line might inspire, but it’ll be fun! Have a Happy Sunday!

I leave you with today’s prompt:

My flying carpet has just arrived by mail. Its silky, intricate, and has a solar speedometer.






4 thoughts on “Happy🎵

  1. it warms my heart to read your account of your daughter’s maturity in choice and thinking. you have brought them up with amazing values and it shows. i admire young people who are resilient like this, such an encouragement for us oldies!

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