✋️Take it Seriously!✋️(not)

When I write a fictional account in first person, never take it seriously. Jest humor!

Future 5 year plan: I have asked a friend to design and get a special royal style chair made for my Ma-hood. Maybe a small ottoman for feet washing and a silverbowl for putting the feet in. Aah!

The next step will be to quit work and engage in fund-raising. Eventually, I hope to build Le’ Ashram e’ Retreat on 101 acres. You know the extra one is always for very good luck ji!

You see, saintly Mothers are in fashion. I will become a public figure with a blue asterix next to the name on my instagram account: Ma Whatabumma. I will Bless people and grant wishes every weekend in a new city of our world.

Monday: I plan to travel.

Tuesday: Recover from jet-lag.

Wednesday: Sight-seeing with my crew and security staff.

Thursday: Shopping and buy lottery ticket.

Friday: Prayer meetings.

Saturday: Meditation and chanting. Free Wave Blessings for all!

Sunday: Luncheon with VIP guests only. Purchase tickets on our secured website. Limited seating. Free Blessings with hand touching your head.

P.S. Please contact my personal manager for appointments, if you must have personal 1:1 darshan.*

*Darshan: One-on-One meeting for blessings.


1. Lottery money as well as your contributions provide for my groups’ business class travels, five star resorts, and your free meals. Tax free receipt will be provided right away at the bullet proof ticketing window.

2. Our retreat provides a free sense of security, guaranteed on location only. Please read the disclaimer and legal footnotes on our website before seeking darshan.

3. Free Window Sightings at 8:01:01pm to 8:11:11pm at Twittered locations from Tuesday to Saturdays only.

4. All believers must leave their guns in the armory opposite shoe and flip-flop section at the entrance.

5. Online donations and payments are now accepted on PayPal.

6. Subscribe for free newsletter with e-tips on a peace loving lifestyle.


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