Bubbles, Pressures, and Networking

Insight and a drive to change things are the keys to personal or social success. And as they say, every eight years we get an itch to make a major change in our lives!😂
It breaks my heart to see so many people suffering, living in a perfectionist society. We have made so many boxes to simplify understanding of people, that we have unconsciously complicated things for humanity.

Individual people, professionals, and cultures make mistakes! And then we hold on to some of the obsolete ideas as values and force others to conform. But we all do know that soon as a person or group grows too much for their own good, it/ they will break down or divide.

You are fine as you are! Every phase in our lives has a purpose. Including joy, ecstasy, search, depression, suppression, uplifting, teaching, or war.

There is no right formula of how to live. Take it easy and know that you are here for a purpose, however society defines it. Life is not necessarily a box we must be made to fit in😉

Hang in there for every dog has his day. There are people, with worse struggles including that of three meals and survival.

Find the strength within and take your time!

❤️ VS


P.S. The daily prompts idea has been discarded at this blog, since I checked that there are several very well established writers and bloggers who do so, and do it so well! 


2 thoughts on “Bubbles, Pressures, and Networking

  1. Every phase in our lives has a purpose. – i love this quote of yours. If we can see it as a learning process then yes it has a purpose but we should not have guilt or remorse over those times, that will destroy our souls.

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