Sirius Black’s Racism

Often a word that evokes passion or humour, racism (quoting online dictionary) refers to prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

I find it terribly amusing that people would even try to prove any group superior in a so called educated world! In my view, it’s ridiculous to even come up with criteria to debate the point.

I am of the opinion that we are free and born equal. People ask me about my mind on it for whatever reasons, and I cannot even go down that path of a one-sided Q&A.

I amuse kids by saying I am green or purple, but I just tend to simplify the concept to its lowest level, where it signifies an absolute nothing.

On my own, I wonder why are children perturbed by it? May be adults are talking about it validating their fears? Adolescence is a phase where insecurity is normal. Even in adulthood, some insecurities will come and go. So what?!

My Dad says that his flying instructor reassured him before his first solo flight, “Son, just remember: what goes up, must come down!”

😄Though it may not be funny the first time you hear it, in retrospect it is always hilarious!

Lets use that in our day to day lives. If stress goes up, it must come down. If blood pressure goes up, it must …

If gossip goes up, it must …

If faith goes up, it …

If hate goes up, it mmm…

If success goes up, it must …

If sales go up, it …

If love goes up, it mmm …

If fever goes up, …

If misbehavior goes up, it must…

If anger wells up, it does calm down, just like every storm. Right?


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Sirius Black definitely gets the point. The differences don’t bother him at all. He will be a good friend to any. Just look at the mutt!

Sirius Black is at it again! He’s got the snifferoos and this time he says, “It’s a beauty! I’m definitely interested.” He loves to race with any species, just for fun.

He is a racist of a different colour😉! Ooops, there are those terrible words again🙏
Different is an open mind
with growth and lots of fun.
Different is exchange of knowledge,
when all is said and done!




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