Don’t get too excited, I didn’t say I’m ON weeeeed😉 I simply love weeds, their flowers, and I value some of them too. After all, a weed is also a plant. Like birds ‘n’ bees have a purpose on our planet, these weeds do also. Besides building significant immunity towards local allergens, some of them are medicinal, make nice tea, or can also be free greens in a salad! 

Therefore, can you imagine my garden? Friendly with weeds, unfriendly with pesticides, and reject bagging of natural garbage! It’s not exactly a Victorian garden with manicured greens. Objectively described, it is a combination of a flat green patch surrounded by bushes of various sizes, punctuated by log seating and few trees. A small water garden in a children’s pool, creepers like wisteria and a yellow jasmine, along with a kitchen garden patch, complete the scene.



Which is your favourite weed?


I’ll post specific information as and when I learn more and get pictures.



2 thoughts on “I❤️Weed!

  1. Weeds can be very pretty! My neighbor collected one she saw at a park one day as she thought it was a pretty flower. Turns out it was a weed – and has spread from her yard to mine. But it blooms! It is really pretty 🙂

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