Who d’Pest? BOO d’Pest!

Where there is danger, there is thrill or glamour. Where there is glamour, there is money. Where there is money involved, there will be crime.

Two evils that result are

1. Smuggling of pets that are dangerous to the owner who is obviously not going to be an expert on its handling.

2. Reduced numbers of unique animals, who may be endangered or useful to medicine.

Poisonous snakes, frogs, reptiles, cone snails, spiders, and bugs: all hold glamour for the pet industry and the medicine market.

The bottomline for this debate is where would you prefer your choice of poisonous pet to contribute:

1. giving you short-term joy for keeping a unique pet to show-off or take pride in. Remember the animal has already been tortured enough in transit/smuggling process, reducing its life-span drastically.

2. giving you or your loved ones, medical relief from pain, cancer, diabetes, or nervous system related issues.


Who d’Pest? The pet keeper, smuggler, scientific researcher, doctors, or the business that tests the medicine on human guinea pigs.



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