Amazing Survival story of a community

There are lessons to be learned here, from the Sikhs, Punjab, India. In four decades, they have experienced merry hell and there is only one reason why they survived. Can you guess what that is? Read about the details in this post, since instagram allows free posting of videos! (Anyone like that?😉)

I am putting the text here for clarity, incase some of my friends prefer that:

“BRILlIANT thought and execution! Plants are being distributed in the Sikh house of worship, Guru Dwara, Gate to the Supreme Teacher, as prasad.

Prasad is a serving of sweet, partaken together by all who enter, as a blessing received from the Guru. It is distributed free without expectation of conversion. They are calling it Boota Prasad, as in Plant Blessing.

Would any religion not want their following to know that God and Nature are one?
Would any religion not want their people to live in sync with Nature as one?
Please know that in the last four decades, the State of Punjab, India, has been through hell in terms of terrorism, their lands being raped by multinational corporations’ profitmaking, and rampant drugs. They are an inspiration in survival!

Thank you people in Punjab! We are listening.”
(Not my video, but I thought its worth breaking convention for this one).













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