Looking with in. Looking Within

Welcome to my Blog! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. For some of us it’s an exhilarating time for going on vacations, for some it’s a struggle keeping up with expectations. And, for all of us, the more interaction with family, the more issues are discovered! Success in making peace is directly proportional to our love, time, and commitment given to resolving them. Today I wish to talk about sanity and how we all tend to find it or make it happen. There lies the difference!

To search and find sanity on the outside ‘with in’ (with your self-interest in mind). Today we tend to search everything as if it is google-able, a tangible thing to find, buy, hold. Maybe we find it in sport, movie, jogging, boxing, hiking, climbing a mountain, gardening, reading, drink, drugs, medicine, counseling, food, classes, house, palace, or blogging. The indulgence in the activity or change makes us believe for a few moments that we made creative use of our talent, took care of a need, or maybe even, got rid of stress.

The most sure-shot technique people are taking to end stress is putting a gun to the head, or hanging from a rope. The obvious problem with these quick, guaranteed techniques is that it doesn’t end the problem, it ends you.

Every ending has a new beginning, so there begins a process for your family and friends, that you had no idea about, simply because you didn’t do a Cost Analysis! Atleast do your homework before you find ways to stop your brain from thinking. Thats a no-brainer! I mean … you knowww!😉

In other words, search and find missions tend to have a short life now-a-days. After the vacation, tennis, or party, then what?

Making sanity happen through a search ‘within‘ is when we finally reach the stage of life through experience, not instruction or books. Whether we like it or not, sanity cannot be taught. Counseling is like a well-meaning guide providing a paid-for hand-holding service while you figure out life. But life itself is like learning to walk on a tight-rope. You have to think it, feel it, act it! You have to walk it every crazy day! You can hold a hand and look good for now, but until you tumble, fall, and get hurt yourself, you cannot be your full potential.

Easy successes and lives are reducing resilience levels. Thanks to Multi-National Corporations building a consumeristic culture, we humans are making habits to pay and getting services on demand, even for sanity, for our own balance-ing.

Resilience can be built only by roughing it out, for the best balancing act of your own special life. By dealing with stress. By going through the phase of judging and being judged. By doing your work at any cost. By learning to hold on and learning to let go. Just free yourself to actually, LET GO!

That is growth that life teaches you on its own. And this knowledge stays with you forever. Feel the wings growing😉?

Let Go of yourself too!

Take the plunge!
Feel the moment:)
Live it UP! Enjoy new waters!

                   SO WHAT?

(a short poem just for YOU!)

So what if the process is tough,

so what if the ride is rough.

So what if people don’t see your point,

that’s no reason to smoke a joint.


So what if people say sweet nothings, nasty things-

that’s when strength makes it’s innings.

So what if books say it rocks otherwise,

many giving you their shock ‘n’ wise.


So what if you feel isolated, debilitated,

that is a test of survival, you are not under-rated.

So what if people can’t understand but ignore you.

Gossip must make you smile, not sway, You of few.


So what if you seem discouraged on your path today,

It’s Your new way. Love it! Go skipping on your way!


                                        SO WHAT!!!







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