Skilled Without Letters. 1.

In the beautiful hill town of Manali, India, two little girls sat playing in the sand. They met for the first time and knew very few words of each others’ language.

They had a large plot of a fortress shaped and built in gentle murmurs. Both were okay with each other’s ideas and contributions. They were nice and courteous for hours!

Both sets of parents did not help them or intervene just like in the old times. No pictures were taken and no interrogations were made about their friend.

The simplicity of it all and possibilities engaged in, were ground breaking for life. Though one had modern education from birth and the other had probably entered a simple school at age five. One worked more than the other, faster than the other.

Then they ran off to a broken down swing and swung together, merrily giggling to ‘n’ fro!

Guess which education level child worked better?


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