Sp🙃t Y😊ur P😎wer!

Power talks are a dime a dozen inspiring ‘all who pay’ to believe that you have amazing strength and goodness. Cliche-like but true! My question is, isn’t that true for ALL people? Even the ones who don’t pay for such courses and classes.

Our personal power can reside in the heart, muscle, brain, or bank.  But what about many people out there working and creating for no money, no reason, no likes, no followers, or any recognition?

Some of us are like the average human who balance different powers, the littlebitofALL’s! I fear those who claim/believe they KNOW-IT-ALL(Brain), or OWN-IT-ALL(in Bank or Corporations), are the ones who coined the word sheeple, calling the average workers ‘sheep people,’ the so called dumb followers.

My point is that I had never heard the word sheeple and so I am not bound by those intimidation tactics. I feel for those who grew up with such brainwashings. What I do know is that anyone in any country, who is able to rise above brainwashings from Intimidators or Terminators, are the ones who CAN rise to be an original creative. Their success not judged by traditional criteria.

Some people are over-educated people, learning to specialize in one or the other field. In these circumstances, I believe that those who can survive as an all-rounder, as a Mr. / Ms. LittlebitofALL, may be the one in the running for survival of the fittest.


Over emphasis on education or money is ‘killing.’ It is killing innovation. Creativity has to be beyond anything ever said or done before. And that kind, has not happened in a very long time.

Live your dream. Follow your dream. Such lines are fine as long as you don’t have to pick up a how-to book, do a course, or follow a beaten track to follow someone’s example. Your dream must have you in it and YOU are finding your way! If you don’t feel understood, need help, or feel helpless: hang in there. Patience. For when you ‘expect absolutely nothing’ from others, is when you might be on to something.

Be Selfless. Have Faith. Work Away.





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