An Ode to Men

Men, I salute you! Equality is only a century new,

true successes are few, so are the people who mew.

The pressures you and yours must endure,

for either’s insecurity, Darling, there’s no cure.

Whatever your role: Breadmaking or Breadwinning

Expectations and stereotypes don’t score an inning.

Transitions for both men and women are tough,

remove roadblocks, recognize that nurturing life is rough.


A Request to Men


We’ve journeyed from careless whispers to a struggle on both sides!

Artless listening resides, power trips decried, careless anger derides.

Handsome or freak! Macho or meek! Groucho or Geek!

Accept with humility: Woman, like you will tweak.

Put image aside, talk frustration-free, honestly a while.

request translation of the male-female vocabulary, not defile.

In-laws and Out-laws, for both a (g)awkward moment,

Give love, it comes back around as good omen!

Build-Fix-Create work as a general rule,

But boomerangs on people, if demands are uncool.

Love you, love you, leave I must-

Let flow, let grow, save my brains from rust.

Sweety, what works for you, must work for me-

On a two-way street, Darling, be gracious and free.





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