An Ode to Women

An Enigma holds Ma within,

Loving, caring, daring, amazing.

How do you nurture people so?

Woman, you puzzle people evermore!


Century on, testing seams of convention,

balancing battles though torn to perfection,

breadwinning too, breadmaking still-

amidst a left brain, right brain mill.


Calm and still! Mothering has value, it’s own,

creation has on your side grown.

Strength doesn’t need daily proving,

Darling, go on about life improving!


Do for you, as for a fellow another,

married or not, you are a mother!

Raising a child or managing a brother,

gentle, tough, leading inspite moments rougher.


Remind, remand, command your brigade,

Still the waters, manage a thankless tirade.

Celebrate All! For they don’t know how,

Woman Rise! Your need, your time is now!



P.S. Thank you all for new follows and your continued support❣️It is time for a long due vacation. Before you know it, July will end as will our travels. I will miss you all, but since I am the sole driver, I may not post regularly. By this month end though, I should have a few awesome pictures as well as adventures to share😉❗️

If I don’t respond by then- it simply means that a bear found me … and my karate chopps didn’t impress him at all😄

Or, I might come back as flowers next Spring🌷

Love and regards,

V Sabharwal.







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