Trippin’ along…

This summer I wanted to meet my family. Though we had an approximate plan in place, nothing materialized. Usually it works like clockwork: talk, decide, buy tickets early, pack and go.

One little problem kept it from becoming concrete. Life sometimes dictates what it wants us to do. No matter what I tried, Plan A wasn’t working out. What suddenly became real and possible was a non-existent Plan B, a road trip, and within forty eight hours we were gone.

Que sera, sera!🤗

In short, we planned to pass through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Our plan was to follow the south shoreline going east along Lake Superior and on the east, going South along Lake Michigan. We intended to camp in State or National parks and stay in a few hotels, as our needs evolved.

The heat plagued us till we reached Duluth, the beautiful town at the junction of both Lake Superior shorelines. Finally, the temperatures were dropping below 90F.

The unprecedented heat wave in the North wasn’t helping at all. And we were told that July is the bad thunderstorm season. We were ready for surprises galore!

The way I like to travel is to move along a general path and decide things as we go: where to stop, stay, camp or hotel, take in sights or skip landmarks gloriously described in glossy brochures, find food or cook, and so on.

The thing about an open plan is to live life as it comes, unexpected, and ready for anything or anyone that crosses our path!

Ask for change and it had to come! A nice father and son camped close by, sharing routes and stories around a campfire. They were there to see the air show we saw much advertised along highways. Father managed truckers and routes and son had just got a job to fly small planes. We changed our path, bitten but smitten!



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Smitten by a sense of forthcoming adventure, hues of aqua blues, moody clouds, and oh-so-green trees; bitten only by insects of a different colour. The conversation in these parts was very different and had built up our curiosities, at the expense of unknown cats!😉

Twenty one days later, few thousand miles, and as many pictures later, we are home! So good to be back, to getting good wifi/signal, certainty, and knowing that we did it with bare necessities and bear essentials in a moosey-goosey land. We didnt even spare the spare🚙!

We are so grateful to all the lovely souls on two’s and fours that we met on our incredible journey. It was our honour and privilege to have crossed paths with you.

❤️Anyone guess where we were for half our trip? Some of you might be very familiar with these enviable waters!

P. S. Love and regards to all and a huge welcome to my new follows.🌷







8 thoughts on “Trippin’ along…

    1. Thanks, G! There’s more to come. Its so so much fun when one knows nothing about the place and one doesn’t know what one has missed!
      Every feature is a delight. I hope to recreate the moments here.


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