Going further North to get cool

What a Surprise! Cool as in cooler temperatures and as a high WOW factor. We didn’t expect such gorgeous blues on Lake Superior and floating mist for miles on end.

There it was! At every nook and bend, at every fallen tree and sloping trail leading to the lake, and at selected viewpoints or informal breaches to a beach.

Blue! The sun, sea of water, and sky! Even the shimmering reflection. A three hour route became a whole day of celebration, of discovery, of beauty. Of pause.




As the temperatures cooled, our plans warmed with hope to continue on the North lake shoreline of Superior.

We got off the highway on Knife River, literally on a road called Scenic Drive. There was nothing more scenic than our ‘new usual.’ It’s funny how our expectation bar was rising steadily along with what natural beauty Nature was offering us. We decided to turn back after one last mile if nothing dramatic came up, because our morning fruit had settled and we were ready for a big brunch.

Then we came across this house. To be fair to you, I am not putting my best picture of it here right now, because you want to go there! Don’t trust me! Check it out for yourself.



The artist must have hand-carved every detail on this cottage, its awnings, and especially the framed entrance. And the surprise is worth going for! The garden is beautiful and pinteresting too. For me, thirty minutes weren’t enough to admire every detail on this house and studio. The window upfront gives a sneak-peak into the artist’s studio and his creations. Hats off!

Tummies roaring by now, in competition with the car engine, we were patient for that last half mile till we reached another inviting stop, The Mocha Moose!



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An absolute dream of a place! You will love its homely feel and freshly home-mades, wonderful coffee, and an old fashioned living room with an aging piano adding to the medley of artwork by locals. And a couple of them sat around teeming with local news and events.

My eyes soaked it all in with the birch tree wallpaper peeking through the countertop, drift wood souvenirs, and framed mandalas. Aromatic overwhelm of coffee and fruit-loaded oatmeal had us sit at this beautiful knife river table to calm the lion inside.

As we drove on, a campsite close by displayed a red plane and a dish made into a spaceship abreast of a campground littered with a few RV’s. Across from that, a small bridge displayed window boxes with random blooms, making powder blue metal look so ornate.

Back on the highway, we decided to pick up speed and gain some lost time, but lost all sense of it when we saw a home with an island view in it’s backyard, back lake(?), back island (?), whatever you’d like to call it.

Eyeing a bench facing the Superior waters, sitting next to baby pink peonies, I asked a gentleman, presumably the owner, walking out, “May I take a few pictures?”

(And to myself, “How much was it on sale for?”) Hmmm😄

Aah, I need to dream about those moments some more. Find what you were looking for in my dream sequence here😉

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See you tomorrow! The journey continues on.



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