Grand Marais and more (3)

We finally decide that we will go across Canada on the North shore line, by now being completely addicted to anything Superior. 😉


Tunnels are always fun! I’ll let the pictures speak the remaining 980 words…

See the lighthouse after the tall dry branch on the left?
Blues. Greens. Browns.
Where there is water and rock, there will be an attempt to balancing!
We enjoyed a scenic byway while looking for a vet to getting our “security guard” his rabies shot. It was the prettiest clinic I’ve ever scene🙂  Sorry, no camera there!
Street art along the highway: about all of 200 yards at multi levels. Sneak peak of Lake Superior in mirror inferior.
Facing the calm of Superior and observing observers. Parked amidst the art park and trail for just a minute.
Multicultural crowd in colour
Enjoy the treasure hunt but don’t miss the nest high up!
Certainly not in Kansas anymore! Look for the OZian Tin man anyway
Oh Deer! Always good to see the dears❣️
From the Indian Reservation in Grand Portage
Settling in at Naniboujou: a hotel with history and unique Indian artwork all over. It was a 1920’s Gentleman’s club. All wood, quaint feel, and squeaky boards adding to the charm. Enjoyed our stay and their awesome staff.                      Our favorite stay on the trip.
Perfuming souvenirs: Lilacs etc from a multi cabin hotel (asked the staff) along the gorgeous coast. Nicely done and its on the right, on the way to the reservation.

P.S. If you read my Lake Superior travelogue, Part two, I want you to know that I added few pictures to my dream sequence at the end, and added some details to the narrative.

I thought it was only fair to those of my well meaning readers who may choose other trips of their own and probably want the best pictures here! Thanks for reading!❤️


11 thoughts on “Grand Marais and more (3)

    1. Yes, the main ones are. If you go offroad, there are dirt roads which are fascinating as well. Mostly tarmac, but good highways, esp in Canada. Be ready for a bad phone signal off and on. I took screen shots and saved but for the most part, a simple route along the northern shore. Good luck my friend!


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