Different Highways, Common Destinations

Technology: my love-hate relationship! It’s a highway of a different colour; colouring me with GB’s of thrills just a few weeks ago, and now with screen freezing chills.

You see, I have realized that taking pictures on my trip was the easy part. Ha haa! Can you tell where this is going? Yes, next comes uploading and managing storage on the computer. And that has been my work after the trip! 😉 Frustrating but necessary. Fun but not funny. Challenging but not impossible.

As with life, one eventually does go through the puddles, over some speedbumps, and get tidied up for the next event of our day. That’s the point where I am at right now. Figured out what and how to fix the problem, got a back up memory for the first time (😋), and currently transferring all media off the computer. Whew!

I had to changed my four year old phone too, which is also like going to a different country. Besides the search and research, travel, we have to experience new language, paths, and communication patterns. Love it all but throws you off the habitual grid just a tad bit.

iPhone to Samsung. Right?

Atleast, that’s how it is for me. How have you been? Appreciate all my new follows! Glad you all stayed a while, browsed around, and I hope you will share some of your views with me.

Well, join me: grab some coffee, or cowfe, or even coffeefe, as some of us have learned to say.😘

Here’s wishing all in India and Pakistan a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE  Day! Bangladesh, you celebrate in March, but please join us, since you were part of the same struggle. I hope we can all pause for a minute, and think of the wonderful global world the Britishers, French, and Spanish made via their conquests and colonies. Though it was hard for all the colonized and there was great sufferring, we must rise above the subjections of British “Divide and Rule” policies that cleverly separated India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Must we allow the seventy year old scheme of instigating religion based feuds to rule our lives in 2018? We forgive and forget so easily, we still salute Europeans in the name of hospitality, then why not each other? Can we grow out of the common abuse, common memories, common love-hate relationships and accept all humanity with love, especially the ones who together, brought home independence for all.

It will be amazing to rediscover destroyed histories and discoveries that were made for all mankind, not just individual recognition. After all, we are travelling on different highways, but headed towards common destinations.


P.S. Independence Day in India: Aug 15.

Independence Day in Pakistan: Aug 16.

Independence Day in Bangladesh: Mar 26.




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