Who am I?

Kindergarten in the West, begins with a “Who am I?” project. It is so sweet when our children can answer this question with such confidence. But I wonder how many us really know who we are. Do you know?

I’m at a point where I am so glad that I never had to answer that question in school! Now I wonder if it matters, since I am a traveler at heart. As long as one thinks and does good; respecting all human, forms in nature, and Nature herself, I believe that I am a good citizen of our planet.

Then again, I wonder, have I made millions? Have I become famous? Have I started an enterprise? Do I feed hundreds of Rich or Poor every month? Am I fashionable? Am I popular? Am I listed at the police station under ‘missing persons’? Do I own a lion or a python? The answer to all of the above is a NO!

This is terrible. Nothing exciting happened in my life. I am such a loser. I don’t do anything exciting either. Such a shame!😂

Am I happy? About my life, Yes!

Am I happy about the whole world judging me? Now there’s a wonderful question in my evolution. Maybe yours, too?

There were times it bothered me about what people might say but over the growing decades (finally in plural! Yesss!), I really couldn’t be concerned. Stereotypes don’t make good sources / references for educated guesses. Do they?

To me, gossip is for the hurt or unemployed, physically or mentally. And honestly, I can pity people engaging in it and pretending not to. What an effort?! Thats more hard work than I am ever willing to engage in! On my part, my solution is to agree with every unnecessary judgement made on me. For better or worse. 😉

P.S. The summary answer to “Who am I?” will be here on this blog tomorrow. Stay tuned!❤

AND, A warm welcome to the new follows. 🤗 I am hoping you find something of interest @thinkinkadia. I write about wherever my mind takes me, usually society and our myriad perceptions.




There’s an old bollywoodian song that goes:

Kuch to log kahengey, (There are things people will say)

Logon ka kaam hai kehna, (It’s the work of people to say)

Chodo bekaar ki baaton mein, (Leave the useless talk)

kahin beet na jayey raina. (incase time will pass by).



Statutory Warning: No Bollywood song is a reliable communication on Indian culture or its women. It simply conveys a sensitive moment in their story.



8 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. concurrent with my recent writing challenge at the GDG Cafe. what defines us? your post was thought provoking as always. I am now reading The Shelf Life of Happiness – David Machado – you should read it.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Appreciate you for your generous comment and may I say, flattery😉
          My goal is to present ideas in simplest terms, and to that extent, I am an inevitable work in progress.
          (btw, I checked out Machado’s book: sounds interesting!)

          Liked by 1 person

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