The Right Time

The Right Time.

Or not.

The right way.

Or not.

The journey with an open mind.

Or not.

To me, 

“I am a collection of atoms traveling together on a timeline, while the chemistry works.20180826_110729.jpg

And one day, Poof! The non-I will disperse to join other groups.”

❤Another new adventure will begin!

I will always be a Star!🌟

And most important to me, 🌟you🌟 are🌟 all 🌟Stars🌟, that join together to make beautiful constellations in our Galaxy. Thank you for being who you are in this journey!


P.S. The above artwork is made by me. I enjoyed illustrating “Our journey in life and beyond.”


9 thoughts on “The Right Time

  1. Beautifully said, thanks. What we are, is what we must remain in touch with: our mirror image, not photoshopped.
    Deciphering interests me, because where subjective elements influence, biases creep in. How do you see that?


    1. 😀 Wow! Thank you for sharing that very encouraging thought. Fortunately Humans can see ourselves as atoms and chain reactions. I hope one day we can do so to the point that we’ll be able to allow ourselves to see that in every human we meet.
      Love it!

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  2. you are a lovely star V! we are all atoms….I was just told this by another poet. the universe speaks, we just don’t have the discernment yet. love your artwork. its like batik…our traditional pattern with melted wax n colour

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    1. Yes, science tells us this, as well as religions. But most of us make it so elaborately difficult for ourselves. And we go to amazing lengths to hold on to concepts, listed before. These are the stories to let go of!
      What a wonderful comparison! Though I used the easy way with paper, thread and faux pearls… batik image is so pleasing.

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