Oh, Batchwana Bay!


Oh, magical Batchwana Bay!

My latest Muse, if I may say;

Your mesmerizing blues,

renew, every hue, now anew.

Meandering road tempting alights,

along your pebbly aqueous delights.

Lone eagle swoops to fish and eat,

bustling ducks converge on the shored treat.


They hustle, gawk, fly, and run,

I seem to spoil their gastronomic fun!

Speeding in a turnaround these birds,

Turn and pause, they think me leaves.

I bend to pick driftwood nearby,

they observe my audacity, “Oh, My!”

Thats their pose, in pause, you see,

A kodak moment they gift their enemy!


I laugh and tease, pause and freeze,

without partaking their meal, graciously leave.

A pretty church I pass, the bells do chime,

my heart dances in this paradise of thine.

I hear squeals of laughter, splashing water,

in gay abandon are bikes, boat, sons and daughters.

Perfection! I watch, memories lit, quit all sense.

Before the echoes pass, amidst heavenly presence.









13 thoughts on “Oh, Batchwana Bay!

        1. 😁 Looks like you are ready for a vacation! Commute to and from work can be relaxing and noisy too. I wish you the most amusing of characters to write about;) during your ride.
          You had said something about reading at the site: “hope you had recited the piece near to it.” Thus the query.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I mean if you have an inspiring place to be….the words shall flow automatically….else everyone remains busy in their day to day activities….and as far as the characters are concerned…I will be pleased to write about my daughter….cute and inspiring…..

            Liked by 1 person

          2. True! I have seen some writers have fabulous locations and homes. We don’t have that luxury. But then, thats when our imaginations take over. Right?😀
            I would love to hear about your daughter and your inspiration: thats magic right there. Jadoo!


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