Photoshopped Lives


All the work we do, thoughts we think, or training we do, becomes our personality at some point in time. Involuntarily, we people carry management techniques and some inauthenticity into our homes and relationships. Sometimes, without even realizing it. Do you think that a family needs clever management and enticing to get results?

In the business world especially, its all about the selling. Does it have to be? People, who realize, never go back to a company that doesn’t live up to its name or claims. They may even return what they bought. So why bring it home to family?

Have you heard lines like, “Dress for success. BE Confident. BE transparent. Game face. Lets put the show on the road.”

I don’t see these suggestions as being two sides of the same coin. For me, these are two separate coins.

Personally, I draw the line at authenticity. Are you leading a photoshopped life?

Authenticity is the key and chemistry is the lock, holding it altogether. Sad to say, but without this lock and key, our dynamic energy geared to success, may be inauthentic as well. We may look good in the photoshopped “Glamour Shots,” but not good in the mirror of our own soul.

Looks Good!

Condolences to our Photoshopped Lives. It’s hard to let go, but it is possible. Authentic is possible in today’s world also. Even if it seems, against the flow.

As my parents always said, simplify!



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