Getting Cozy, eh?

“Let’s sit here, honey!”

At the bend of a meandering road, through a forest reserve, came this little scene. She glided to a stop to see this pair of somethings, and decided to check them out.

Owl? Out came the camera. Down rolled the windows. Zoom lens on. And she said, “Wow! Its not one, but two eagles.”

With mosquitoes finding the easiest target in Kansas, the photographer went crazy taking pictures. Clicks resonated in the quiet forest.  The deers stopped and looked up, the eagles turned their heads, and observed the humans in the twenty minutes that ensued.

The deer cautiously and gradually moved away. The big birds, Cheel and Baldy talked. She moved closer and closer, taking pictures.

The eagles fidgeted on one foot and then another. They whispered to each other. They preened. The two looked left. Together they turned to the right. Entirely animated!

At 7-8 feet away, the photographer was close enough to see the nikonic flash brighten up their heads, and reflect off their alert eyeballs. Cheel said, “I’m done with her and not taking any chances.” And she was off, swooping low below the treeline, “See you later, Baldy!” she rose up in pride and height.

“Whatever you like,” said Baldy with a shrug.

Baldy stayed, with a macho couldn’t care less huff. He fluffed and posed, turned and scooted down the fence, scratched and checked his wings.

“You got to admit, I’m so handsome!” said Baldy with an imperialistic air.

The photographer took the bait and went closer and closer, clicking, hoping Baldy would fly.”



Thanks for following the photographer😘

Adios! Until we meet again.


2 thoughts on “Getting Cozy, eh?

    1. Thank you Sir! Lovely compliment.
      Yaad hai, I am not good on much computer related. So on my blog, you can be sure, that nothing is photoshopped, only edited. Neither my photographs, nor my life!


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