News Mews

Do you see red?


When news mews, again and again, it is time for concrete action. It is time to discuss the real purpose of religion and how centuries old rules and brainwashing are disastrous to society. Especially, in every area related with MONEY.

Why do I say this? One day I met this lady at a store and we got talking about similar news (as of today) about a priest and a young boy and she asked me if I knew why their sexual behaviour has reached this point. She told me her answer and I was very disappointed that the reason was so simple. Blindly carried forward, like a wave on a beach, from centuries ago. It happens in all of our cultures, so I consider superstitions and traditions with a grain of salt.

I asked her how did she know because I wanted a valid reference. She mentioned that her father was a PhD in theology and head of a local church. And she emphasised, their family discussions often revolved around related topics.

The strange thing is, as she spoke, she looked around nervously, lowered her voice, and she waited for a gentleman who had paused near us, to pass by.

Every country’s religion, carries it’s own debris forward, for better or worse.

Now I really wanted to know! You may want to check this out for yourself before believing me. Some of you are experts in theology and psychology yourselves and I respect your judgement. The logic conveyed to me, short and precise, wholly made sense to me then. Therefore, I remain, just an ordinary messenger.

This is what she said, living in the midst of an educated, modern, free society. And I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

She said, ” In the old days priests had land for the church. Marriage was okay, but if they divorced, the land had to be divided.”

Land had to be divided…

I gathered, divorce was costly then, as it is now. If priests don’t own the land in modern times, and their service is a job, like any other, do you believe that their marriage as an option, may be reconsidered?

She nodded her head in a quick indiscernible move, softly wished me a great day, and left.

The fear around the subject confused me. Everytime, whenever the news brings up the story of abuse of an innocent boy serving the church, I remember her nervousness and wonder if everyone is doing the same thing:

Silenced by intense fear of possibly, brutal social disapproval.


Choice is clear:

 Keep the tangled.                 OR            Unwind to relax us all.




2 thoughts on “News Mews

  1. i am reading “ministry of utmost happiness” and it is the most unhappy book that is leaving me very flat and yet annoyed at society and the lies we make into truths to pacify those we think have clout. finance and economics drive more than religion, we are blind to that and always blame spirituality when money is to me the root of all evil!

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    1. Ha haa! I’m glad to agree with all of the above! My complete frustration about lies around religion and different types of war started in 1995.
      The best part is No One wants to face it or do anything about it. That to me is hilarious!

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