You gots to loves me!

I pine for a cone

You gots to loves me!

I pine for a real cone,

sitting to dine, branched alone.

Nibbling as it is clickin,’

watching it softly closing in.

People walk, coffee, and talk,

while this legged box, balks.

Talking box with one big eye,

says, “click, click, click, Oh my!”

“One close up, please!” it appeals,

“TWO, too many!” I running squeal.


Photos, Cards, and Woodburning Portraits


Dear friends,

I am excited to try this new feature. Two close ups of this cute little adorable squirrel are on sale.* 

Please use the contact option for enquiries. Meanwhile I am working on thumb size images for selection purpose. I would love to hear from you, what you would like. For those of you, who do their own photography, I’d be happy to do a woodburning of a portrait for you. Those prices will depend on size and type of wood chosen. I’d be happy to ensure that it is made to your complete satisfaction.

5″x7″: $5.00

8″x11″: $15.00

Cards: $5.00 each

Personalized poem will be inside for your loved one based on the information you provide to me. 

*The first ten orders will get 25% off the entire order. What a wonderful way to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!



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