A twig. A leaf. A Flag. A flower.

Walking under, through the bower.


A timely, encouraging word. A talking bird.

Soaring condors. An imaginative nerd.


Youth bygone. A respectful teen.

A photo album. A mythological being.


Driving@80, intact memory, denture free.

Reading without glasses, walking to thee.


Unfurled birch bark, light peeking through.

A copyright-free download. My gift to you!❤


Dear Friends,

Please share about what fascinates you. Which flag does it remind you of? Feel like a song🎵

I’d be so happy if it brings you joy! ❤VS











4 thoughts on “Fascinations

  1. i immediately thought of stained glass windows when I saw your photo, but I laughed so hard at driving denture free!! me and my best friend in the entire world we want to do that one day, old and grey and denture free highway~!

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