Footloose, Toothloose, and Memoryfree 🎶

As you all know, when we start aging, and we overcome the initial shock, we start singing any tune, that can escape through our teeth. I mean, the mouth. Oh well, any place it can escape from.

Being forgetful is discouraging, yet a blessing to be able to finally let go of stuff; mindless, fly aways.

Sing with me, if you like these words. Let’s celebrate AGE! And remember most of all, that we will there soon, ourselves.


“This land is your land; no, now its my land,

From close-to-narnia, to the New wha’ “Hi” land.

Fuh … my redwood cane rests, to the gulping waters,

This hand was made for me anhh … hu who?


As I was hobblin’ that ribbon of highway,

I saw God love me, from d’ heavenly skyway.

Hell-O below me, fire storied Valley,

This land was made for me … anhhain … who?


I am now footloose, a lill bit toothloose,

I seen replaced knees, and cataract cloudway,

Where doggone keys, and glasses two -oo-oo.

This land was made … hain hmm, memory free.


I don’t remember you, I don’t dis-member me.

From birthday to today, one sorry apology.

Holding your fingers two, to wedding bands,

This land was made for … resting too.”


P.S. If you read this far, I wish that you maybe blessed with a happy ride in life, “Of Youth and Age,” that is full of easy adaptations and happily denture free😉!

(Reference: yesterday’s post).






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