If you once waited…

Pre-requisite for a joyful marriage 😉   Bench Score of 7+ on a scale of 1 to 10.

You and me, needed work in our lives

Matching steps, in tune do dance ‘n’ jive.

You who find humor in their wives’,

Chances are you have a loving wife.

Waiting at a Mall, waking tea-cup in arms,

being patient, battling life’s bee swarms.

Respecting each other’s moods and choices,

“Sweet will win over cool spouses.” Take chances.

Waiting at home? Benched, in a park or a Mall?

Marriage! You best be smiling through it all!

Or, time tends to take it’s toll …



4 thoughts on “If you once waited…

        1. Awesome thanks, G! Rhyme and me are just childhood friends, walking and talking, hand in hand. Absentmindedly getting in each others way and laughing it off.
          You know sometimes I like to believe one travels, for reasons beyond growth or need.
          It’s little things about a people. So fascinating: that’s my fix(!)

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