Makin’ a Killin’ or Livin’

Handsome in a red, black, and white tuxedo. (Met this “redcoat” at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Just found out they ARE called Red fox!)

WHAT IF there is major quake, tsunami, or wildfire? What would you do with the animals in the picture above and below? 

Leave them out together in the wild? No way! I hear some singing, “Who let the dogs out? Who🎵”

What would these wolves do if they met face to face?  Black is domesticated and pampered. Red is a slim survivor in the wild.

Would they treat the other one like a different wolf?

Would they recognize their own kind, share food, simply react, or attack each other?

Who has more chances of surviving?


Now, I ask thee: WWWD. What Would You Do to a different human being?

Would the pampered human survive to tell his or her tale?

Would the poor human survive to live on? What if he/she didn’t write a book or wrote one in a completely different language?

Who decides which one is THE right wolf? The better human? The better language.

A ‘Sirius’ model: domesticated wolf.

For us humans, the question is: Are we here to make a killing or a living? Considering we call ourselves civilized.

Now foxes and wolves don’t make such tall claims, do they😉?



P.S. Sirius has portraits up for sale. And, Redcoat has a gorgeous close up and a grand sitting pose available. Don’t miss his eyes! If interested, please contact.


5 thoughts on “Makin’ a Killin’ or Livin’

  1. Hi I will try again.. I think many humans would not know how to survive in fact I know they wouldn’t… Its a pity you know.. But we humans have been given the chance to embrace our brothers and sisters of a different language in many places around our globe in the mass exodus from Syria of refugees and other places around our globe..
    Yet seldom do we reach out our helping hand or dig too deep into our pockets to help..
    You only have to look at the amount of dogs and cats etc left to fend for themselves in Fukushima in Japan after the Tsunami hit the nuclear power plant..
    Many of their pets had to be left behind to fend for themselves.. I will return with a link to this man.. Fingers crossed this comment appears.. 🙂 I unfollowed and refollowed you..

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    1. I have it here, finally! This one was in spam.
      Yes, about the animals, they have survival stories of their own. But they too tend to nurture other brethren or species in a crisis.
      Point is that we humans can learn from them, since we seem to have decided that only people of one language or faith seem to have figured out the right way to live. To me, exchange of two-way learning or more, is very crucial and must be allowed, even encouraged.

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  2. That is what makes us humans: caring about animals and hoping for the best. Question is what would the pampered dog and wild wolf do each other?
    Taking from their example, would we civilized humans; a city raised and country one, treat each other better in a face off?


  3. food for thought but it all depends on circumstances. i want to believe we can live and react in a real world situation but we are often caught off guard, our pets are part of our families so they should have same priority for rescue and safety. wildlife is a little harder to control in emergencies, too many uncontrollable factors. but we should save as many as we physically can without endangering ourselves.

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