Art: Train-ed!

Light up the …

State highways bring the whole character of the place to life. You get a peek into people and their myriad lives. A quaint old wagon, a skull, giant wheels, old farm machinery, planters, a sculpture,  clothes, shoes, bakery, worn guitar, or a uniquely shaped barn. An old Volkswagen painted a pretty pink with a crown on it’s head, and so on.

Throughout our summer trip, I did not miss food, McDonalds, Starbucks, and and city like structures as well as landmarks. Machines and machinated lives, tired wives, and seekers of fun, with life rationalized but not merrily done.

And then you cross a border, and people suddenly seem to pop up a little. Scenery and conversation change dramatically, people are interested in things you didn’t consider before, mystery becomes history, and exploration is an adventure into everything, even the usually, taboo!

Two conversations, brought to life the fact that modern society is not democratic anymore. We are living a myth and along with camera’s, insurance, etc. fantasy seems to be the new security. Ridiculously interesting and literally pathetic at times. Well, we can keep living life in monotone of systems, set in place, too scared to flip a pebble, or as they say, the apple cart.

Or, we can do something about bringing in diversity of interests to make ourselves peek outside our box. Amusingly, across the border, people explored topics freely. Without much ado, I wish to celebrate borders just for this reason. They make change possible and travel makes it happen! An old, simple, known fact but very relevant today in stagnating puddles of commercial and educated gibberish. Go! Go out and meet people you never met before.

Love you all my dear friends, as you move beyond the norm, converse, and grow through explorations in the unknown. You are the catalysts and know it so. You should let go and express for this reason alone, even if it sounds different, and bothers those comfortable. For you are providing a great service, no alarm system can: inner security.

Travellers, writers, and artists! You make me wonder and I love you as you are for taking on unprecedented challenges; for allowing yourselves to generate dialogue. I made many a U-turn to take pictures such as this. Isn’t it beautiful! Well done, my dear artist friend, who ever you are🙏


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